Most FOD can be attributed to poor housekeeping, facilities deterioration, improper maintenance or careless assembly, not keeping full account of hardware, tools and materials, and inadequate operational practices. An effective FOD prevention program identifies potential problems, corrects negative factors, provides awareness, effective employee training, and uses industry “lessons learned” for continued improvement. Our FOD prevention program signs help in the committed to strive for excellence in the conduct of operations to ensure the quality and safety of products and services. FOD prevention program signs help with the prevention, detection, and removal of FOs in FOD sensitive areas.


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Finally there is a great way to learn all about foreign object debris and foreign object damage and how to prevent it in the work place. Quizzicle’s aim is to teach all the areas of FOD and FOD Prevention and offers an accredited certification and the end of the course.

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IHST Global Safety Survey

IHST (International Helicopter Safety Team) Safety Survey

The IHST’s regional teams have analyzed over 1,000 helicopter accidents and determined that the following four areas offer the best opportunities to prevent helicopter accidents:
Safety Management Systems (SMS)
2. Structured programs for initial and recurrent training
3. Mission-specific systems and equipment, including:

4.Structured programs to fully comply with manufacturers’ recommended maintenance practices

This IHST global safety survey is intended to assess the progress toward full implementation of these practices within each industry sector in every region. While some of the recommended systems and equipment have mission specific application, the other recommendations for SMS, training and maintenance practices are universally applicable.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Your inputs will be kept confidential and will not be shared for advertising or marketing. The survey summary report will aggregate inputs by type of operation and use. Individual inputs will not be attributed to you or your company.

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