Over the past few years FOD signs have been promoting safety in the aerospace industry and we at fodprevention.com and rokap.inc are proud to be part of that ever growing practice. But FOD signs are not just for aerospace! In fact we have many corporations, universities, technical control application systems, CNC machinery operations, circuit board manufactures and other companies and industries such as medical supply companies like MedPlast.

“MedPlast, Inc. is a leading provider of highly engineered custom plastic processing solutions serving the global Healthcare market”


More and more companies and corporations as well as government agencies are understanding the importance of using foreign object debris control signs (FOD SIGNS) to help save lives and money and reduce the risk of operation shut downs due to unwanted objects imposing themselves into mechanical systems or any device that has moving parts that must be clear of all debris to run correctly without disruption to the unit.

It’s time for your company to get on board with foreign object debris control and put an end to unwanted potential disaster!

FOD signs Work! FOD Prevention Works!