Online FOD Training Certification Course

Today is a very good day for the FOD Prevention community as we announce a whole new partner in the ever going battle to rid our industry of FOD. An ONLINE FOD TRAINING COURSE with Quizzicle!

Finally there is a great way to learn all about foreign object debris and foreign object damage and how to prevent it in the work place. Quizzicle’s aim is to teach all the areas of FOD and FOD Prevention and offers an accredited certification and the end of the course.

Companies can train individual students (employees) or their inter work force!

What this FOD TRAINING COURSE provides:


  • Debris (defined)
  • Damage (defined)
  • Control Systems
  • Area Types


  • Human Cost of FOD
  • FOD Prevention
  • FOD Detection
  • FOD Removal
  • FOD Evaluation
  • FOD Documentation
  • FOD Classification


  • Manual Observation
  • Electronic Observation
  • Tech Assisted Observation


  • Manual Removal
  • Mechanized Removal
  • Non-Mechanized Removal


  • Visual Detection
  • Electronic Detection
  • Automated Detection

Operation Areas

  • Aircraft Operations Areas
  • Aircraft Servicing Areas
  • Apron Areas
  • Air Cargo Operations
  • Maintenance Areas

10 Question Assessment Certificate of Completion

You can try the Online Course Demo here at and see the benefits for yourself. believes this is something the industry has been in great need of for a very long time and proudly supports Quizzicle’s efforts to create new and exciting FOD Training courses in the future.

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