Picayune Municipal Airport.
148 Runway Road. Picayune, MS, USA.

 Fodsigns.com and Rokap Inc. are proud to be part of the airport industry. When airports large and small take part in the campaign to fight (FOD) foreign object debris damage, they can rest assure that the products they purchase from us are the highest quality the industry has to offer. In fact our signs surpass government regulations on all accounts. Airports like Picayune Municipal Airport understand the importance of passenger and employee safety and they do not compromise this safety practice. The risk for private and personal injury is too high a cost let alone the cost of damaged equipment. They chose us because of our
High Visibility Signs and long lasting high quality materials.
Again we like to thank Picayune Municipal Airport for their purchase.

chevron texaco maintenance facility

Chevron-Texaco Maintenance Facility at Picayune Municipal Airport