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Foreign Object Debris Found in Undelivered 737 MAX planes

FOD Found in Undelivered 737 MAX planes Boeing has told employees that it discovered foreign-object debris in fuel tanks of “several” 737 Max planes the manufacturer has in storage, CNBC learned Tuesday. ForeignRead More…


FODPrevention FODSIGNS and COVID-19

FODSIGNS ARE STILL AVAILABLE. Here at FODprevention.com we understand the great importance of staying at home while we as a society deals with COVID-19. We must also understand that FOD accidents canRead More…


Engine Failure Caught on Camera Delta Flight 1425

Description In early July, a Delta flight made an emergency landing at Raleigh-Durham International Airport after suffering an engine failure in mid-flight. All 154 people on board made it out safely. InRead More…


Auckland New Zealand B738 (FOD)

Description On 7 June 2013, a Boeing 737-800 (ZK-ZQG) being operated by Jetconnect and undergoing scheduled maintenance at Auckland was found to have unexplained damage to its stabiliser trim control system whichRead More…


NTSB Safety Alert Control Foreign Object Debris

Account for all items after performing maintenance tasks! The problem Mechanics, or others who help with aircraft maintenance, might leave items or residual debris behind after performing maintenance tasks that could becomeRead More…