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Corrosion, Metal Fatigue Causes Wide-Body Freighter Landing Gear Collapse

Original post courtesy of NTSB.gov WASHINGTON (Aug. 23, 2018) — The landing gear collapse on a FedEx MD-10-10F, wide-body cargo jet was caused by corrosion that led to fatigue cracking, according toRead More…


Screwdriver Found in C208 Controls

Original post courtesy of Aerossurance.com on Feb 12, 2017 Flying Control FOD: Screwdriver Found in C208 Controls An Australian Cessna 208B Caravan pilot detected a control restriction during a flight control riggingRead More…


Cleaning Tiny Cooling Holes On Turbine Blades with Endoscopy

Courtesy Lee Ann Shay | Apr 25, 2018 http://www.mro-network.com The prototype, similar to a colonoscopy for jet engines, won a German technology award April 25. A prototype is underway using endoscopy technology fromRead More…