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Boeing overhauls quality controls: Good or Bad for FOD?

Originally published January 20, 2019 at 5:01 pm (Article Courtesy of The Seattle Times and seattletimes.com) Article original title, Boeing overhauls quality controls: more high-tech tracking but fewer inspectors. Boeing has begun aRead More…


IHST Global Safety Survey

IHST (International Helicopter Safety Team) Safety Survey The IHST’s regional teams have analyzed over 1,000 helicopter accidents and determined that the following four areas offer the best opportunities to prevent helicopter accidents:Read More…

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FAASafety.gov, (Follow Procedures The Buck Stops Here) Safety Course

FAASafety.gov  (Follow Procedures The Buck Stops Here) Safety Course The minimum compliance standard in aviation is zero violations. However, while industry personnel understand the importance of using and following written technical procedures; notRead More…


EASA sets new safety goal 2018

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has set a new objective for helicopter safety in its jurisdiction – a 50 percent improvement within the next 10 years. While that goal has yetRead More…


Auxiliary Power Unit Battery Fire 2013

Original post courtesy of NTSB.gov on January 7, 2013 Executive Summary On January 7, 2013, about 1021 eastern standard time, smoke was discovered by cleaning personnel in the aft cabin of aRead More…